Having achieved many years of experience with the international chauffeured service companies world wide we tried to find the lack of ground transportation business in order to provide most reliable service to our clients.
We believe that beside a functional office and fleet management,the real solution for giving the best service to our clients is not only offering them the last models of vehicles but also an experienced, multilingual, professional, and passionate chauffeur.That is basically our philosophy.
We, of course, can change the last models of vehicles but we are not able to change our chauffeurs as long as it comes to customer’s satisfaction.

Our chauffeurs are our main weapon to be able to make the DIFFERENCE!


At Continental Chauffeurs Drive, we realize that our success is the result of customer satisfaction which must be earned every single day.
From the reservation office down to the fleet and chauffeurs,there is a harmony that helps us do our job as well as possible.
Chauffeurs, who have come so far being in our team, are those who have earned their reputation in the business though many years of experience with the international companies worldwide and have the most clear vision among local drivers.

You will see the DIFFERENCE!


We are extremely honoured that you would consider  Continental Chauffeurs Drive for your luxury chauffeured transportation needs.
We look forward to hearing from you on how we can continue to improve your  Continental Chauffeurs Drive experience.
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Thanks for trusting Continental Chauffeurs Drive.
You will realize the DIFFERENCE!


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